Category: Instrument Transformer (CT & PT Test Equipment)

7070A-UI AC Ratio Bridge

  • Calibration of Voltage and Current Transformers from a Single Instrument
  • Calibration of Instrument Transformers with Different Rated Ratios Using One
  • Single Reference Standard
  • Calibration of Voltage Transformers (VT) Up to 800 kV When Used with MI 2500 Series of HV Dividers and Standard Capacitors
  • Calibration of Current Transformers (CT) Up to 10000 A When Used With MI 7020 and/or 7200 Series of Precision Current Transformers and/or Current Comparators
  • Short Measurement Times with High Accuracy and Low Inherent Burdens
  • Instrument Applications are Valid for Single Phase Measurements. Three-Phase Transformers Measurements Performed by Testing Each Phase Separately
  • Test Frequency from 15 to 100 Hz

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