1340A High Precision Voltage Divider

  • Sub-ppm Ratio Uncertainties
  • 10:1 and 100:1 Divider Outputs
  • Voltages to 1000 Volts
  • Maintained in Temperature-Controlled Chamber for Optimal Performance
  • Built for DC Voltage Characterization of Calibrators and DVM’s
  • Ratio Uncertainty 0.2 μV/V and 0.4 μV/V
  • Output Compared to 732B/C 10 V Output
  • No Self-Alignment Required

Features and Benefits

The MI model 1340A was designed to provide customers with a user-friendly, cost-efficient reference divider to be used in the DC Voltage characterization of DVMʼs and calibrators. Procedures are supplied with units and follow the manufactures guidelines for calibration and verification. Customers do not need to calibrate or run a long self-alignment prior to use!

The MI model 1340A was designed and developed by metrologists for metrologists! The ease of use and low cost of the 1340A makes it the ideal choice for use in calibration and maintenance of calibrators. Metrologists and calibration technicians in National Laboratories, the military, and third party calibration laboratories will be greatly impressed with the performance of the 1340A. The 1340A Reference Dividers are precision 100:1 and 10:1 dividers designed primarily for comparing direct voltage levels of various sources to a 10 V voltage reference standard like a 732B or 732C series. Simple connection to the front panel for either the 100:1 or 10:1 ratio is done directly to the calibrator through a supplied cable. The output of the divider is then connected to the DVM for testing also through a supplied cable. It’s that simple!

Company Info

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