2020A Premium Power Analyzer

  • Direct Replacement for 2010A Wattmeter in the AccuLoss® Loss
  • Measurement Systems
  • Basic Power Accuracy < 0.005 %
  • 10 Current Ranges
  • 2 Voltage Ranges
  • Line-and-Line and Line-to-Ground Voltage Measurements
  • Full Power Factor Range
  • Complete Waveform Analysis

Features and Benefits

The MI 2020A is the latest development from Measurements International. It represents a new sampling technique for the precise measurement of electrical power for applications including R & D, product efficiency testing, transformer and reactor testing and other power conversion products. Developed as a power analyzer, it has a basic power accuracy of < 0.005 % as a self-contained standard. The 2020A Standard was designed to be a direct replacement of the 2010A used in the AccuLoss® series of Loss Measurement Systems. When combined with the MI series of 2500A High-Voltage Dividers and the MI series of 7020 Current Transformers, the 2020A Premium meets all the criteria for calibrating reactors large or small, including instantaneous readings, speed, average and RMS voltages and waveform analysis.
(See Reactor Loss Measurement data sheets.)

Customers now have 2 different models to choose from to cover their required application.

The model 2020A Standard is offered as a replacement for the 2010A Wattmeter or the 2020A Premium with extended performance for full power analyzer applications. The 2020A is based on the principle of digital sampling. It provides reliable, accurate traceability to NMIs around the world. Versatile
measurement ranges ensure the 2020A is operated at near or full-scale for best accuracy performance. Measurements can be made quickly, accurately and automatically, regardless of distorted waveforms or low power factor conditions.

A large touch screen display is used to change the input parameters and for indicating the voltage, current, and power measurements simultaneously. Waveforms of the input voltage and current can also be displayed on the 2020A Premium. Waveforms can be saved to the USB drive on the front panel. The unit has two remote control options, RS232 and IEEE-488 interface. Only one option can be used at one time. The 2020A can be used to measure line-to-neutral and line-to-line voltage measurements that are 120° apart with one current input. The current input is a two-stage-compensated current  transformer with 10 current ranges from 5 A down to 5 mA. Full-scale accuracy can be maintained down to 100 µA. The voltage input consists of an accurate voltage divider with 120 V and 240 V ranges.

The displayed output for power is expressed as VI cosɸ. Measurement accuracies are maintained for all power factors. The relative conversion error of the output is linear and does not depend on the magnitude or distortion of the input signals.

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