2023A-XP – 3-Phase Wattmeter

  • Basic Power Accuracy < 0.005 %
  • 5 A Current Input with 10 Current Ranges
  • 240 V/120 V Voltage Input Ranges
  • Line-to-Neutral and Line-to-Line Voltage Measurements
  • Full Power Factor Range
  • Total Harmonic Distortion Analysis
  • Complete Waveform Analysis
  • Phasor Analytical Representation
  • Single-Phase/Three-Phase Series of Wattmeter/Power Analyzers

Features and Benefits

The 2020A/2023A series is the latest development from Measurements International. They represent a new proprietary sampling method for the precise measurement of electrical power for applications including product efficiency testing, transformer testing and other power conversion products. Developed as a power analyzer in a self-contained standard or in a transformer loss measurement system.

Customers now have 4 different models to choose from to cover their required application.

The single phase version model 2020A is offered in the standard wattmeter version or can be purchased as the 2020A-XP extended performance for full power analyzer applications. It features total harmonic distortion analysis, complete waveform analysis and phasor analytical representation.

The new 3-phase version model 2023A is offered in two different versions also. A 3-phase wattmeter 2023A, or the model 2023A-XP version power analyzer. The 2023A-XP is a 3-phase power analyzer that has the additional features of total harmonic distortion analysis, complete waveform analysis and phasor analytical representation.

A large touch screen display is used to change the input parameters and for indicating the voltage, current and power measurements simultaneously. Waveforms of the input voltage and current can also be displayed and saved to a USB drive on the front panel. The unit has two remote control options, RS232 or IEEE-488 interface. Only one option can be used at one time.

The 2020A/2023A can be used to measure line-to-neutral and line-to-line voltage measurements that are 120° apart with one current input. The current input is a two-stage-compensated current-transformer with 10 current ranges from 5 A down to 5 mA, the voltage input consists of an accurate voltage divider with 120 V and 240 V ranges.

The displayed output for power is expressed as VI cosɸ. The measurement high accuracies is maintained for all power factors. The relative conversion error of the output is linear and does not depend on the magnitude or distortion of the input signals.

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