4310HR High Value Six Elements

  • 100 MΩ to 10 TΩ Elements
  • Other Values Available
  • N-Type Connectors
  • Temperature Coefficient ± 0.2 ppm/0 °C
  • Eliminates Oil Bath/Air Bath Requirements
  • Low Thermal EMF’s – Shielded Chamber
  • Temperature Regulation: ± 0.01 °C Per Year

Features and Benefits

The model 4310HR is a newly re-designed six-element resistance standard that is the latest development from Measurements International’s series of DC resistors and shunts. After many years of research in resistance materials, the model 4310HR insures that you get the best performance on the market today. Combined with MI’s experience in automated high-value resistance measurements, the 4310HR is used as a temperature controlled, 6-element working resistance reference.

With complete focus on re-design for improvement of specification, the 4310HR utilizes the proven delta-wye network for unmatched accuracy and precision. Special consideration is taken into the selection of every element used to ensure that it meets the specification and performance you expect from an MI product.

The six-resistance elements cover the range from 10 MΩ to 100 TΩ and are maintained at 30 °C, with an operating environment temperature range of 23 °C ± 5 °C. The elements feature excellent stability and extremely low temperature coefficients housed in a single unit. Each resistor is accessible from the Teflon back panel with all connections being made via N-type connectors. The model 4310HR can be mounted in any standard 19-inch instrument rack.

Based on the highly accurate 9331H series (released in 2013) of resistance standards, combined with the release of the dual source bridge technology and replacing older methods of measurement, customers required a higher level of resistance standard than previous methods from the range of 10 M to 100 T. Hence, the release of the 9331H series of delta-wye configuration and now the release of the new and improved, redesigned 4310HR!

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