6010/6242 Systems Up To 5000 A

  • Currents to 5,000 A and Higher
  • Modular Design, Expandable Capabilities
  • Ratio Ranges from 10 to 1,000,000
  • Resistance and Temperature Curves
  • Temperature Coefficient of Resistors
  • Complete Turn Key System
  • No Coefficients to Correct Hardware Errors
  • Proven Technology
  • Linearity < 0.01 ppm
  • Complete Measurement Systems Available
  • 6242 System Option to 1 G and 1000 V

Features and Benefits

Measurements International’s (MI) series of Shunt Measurement Systems offers the best accuracy and lowest uncertainty of any commercial system available on the market today. The MI High Current Range Extenders expand the measuring capabilities of the MI model 6010 and MI 6242 to measure lower resistance values at higher currents.

The MI 6010 and 6242 series of Shunt Measurement Systems provide the widest range with lowest uncertainty of any manufacturer. System accuracy: < 2 ppm compared to 15 ppm from our nearest competitor.

Measurements International is the original manufacturer of the Automated Resistance Measurement System. With the most current comparator experience in the industry, Measurements International Shunt Measurement Systems are designed using sound metrology principles.

The MI series of 6010 Bridges and Shunt Measurement Systems are used by the majority of National Measurement Laboratories and military labs worldwide as well as the US Air Force, US Army and US Navy.

The new series of MI 6010 and 6242 systems are the only self-calibrating Bridge systems in the world. For years, users would only perform interchange measurements at 1:1 ratios. 6010 and 6242 series Bridges are commonly being used worldwide to calibrate other manufacturer’s Bridges and Shunt Measurement Systems.

While other manufactures require the use of more than 50 coefficients to correct for systematic hardware errors in their bridges, MI Bridges require no corrections. Other manufacturers also claim to have the best accuracy and meet the military requirements for resistance measurements yet are unable to compare to Measurements International.

Don’t be fooled or misled by other manufacturers claims, ask for references and consult any NMI in regards to modern resistance measurement systems.

Ratio Range Resistance Max Current Accuracy
Ω A ppm
10 0.1 1 0.2
100 0.01 10 0.3
1000 0.001 100 0.4
10,000 0.0001 1000 2
100,000 0.00001 3000 2
1,000,000 0.000001 5000 5
1,000,000 0.0000001 5000 5

Standard resistors of 1 Ω, 10 Ω and 100 Ω may also be used to extend the ratio for higher currents. For example, if you had a 0.01 Ω shunt at 100 A it could be measured on the 100 A range using a 10 Ω standard or if you had a 0.1 Ω shunt at 15 A you can measure it on the 100 A range using a 100 Ω standard.

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