9210A Primary Standard Oil Resistors

  • 9210A-1 (PRIMARY)
  • 1 Ω Resistor with Carrying Case
  • Replacement for Thomas 1 Ω
  • Temperature Coefficient < 0.05 × 10-6/°C
  • Long Term Drift < 0.2 × 10-6/Year
  • No Pressure Coefficient
  • Maximum Dissipation 100 mW
  • Highest Performance Dissipation 10 mW

Features and Benefits

The model 9210A MI-Type standard has been developed through years of research by NRCC and Measurements International and is now offered as an improved resistor design to replace the L&N Thomas-Type One-Ohm Standard as well as other values. These improvements have been achieved through a new annealing process of the element and changes in the structural mounting. Historical data is now proving the model 9210A to be the most stable oil-filled resistor commercially available.

The model 9210A features a long term drift rate less than 0.2 ppm per year and a temperature coefficient of less than 0.05 ppm/°C.

Company Info

MI-Europe s.r.o. is registered in the Commercial Register, Section C, Entry No. 46844, maintained by the Municipal Court, Brno

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