R. Lapuh, “Sampling with 3458A”, ISBN 978-961-94476-0-4 – New price

Book from Mr. Rado Lapuh, author with many years of experience in the field of electrical metrology, “Sampling with 3458A; Understanding, Programming, Sampling and Signal Processing”.

The subject of this book is high-end multimeter model 3458A, first introduced by Hewlett Packard in 1988. This instrument stands out from other multimeters due to its features, such as its self-calibration capability, the linearity of its ADC and its high-speed sampling modes. Three decades after its introduction, the 3458A is still unrivalled in some of its characteristics. In electrical measurements, sampling methods are superseding more and more of the traditional analogue bridge techniques. This book explains and describes the sampling capabilities of the 3458A multimeter and it gives many examples of its applications.

Ideal use as a knowledge support of staff at metrological laboratories around the world, see the PDF sample:

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