Automated Thermometry Bridge 5:1

  • Best Accuracy +/-0.015ppm from 1Ω to 10kΩ
  • Current Reversal Rate of 2 Seconds
  • Linearity <0.005ppm
  • IEEE488 and Manual Operation
  • Accu-T-Cal™ Application Software For Calibrating PRTs Designed by NMI


  • Volume 106 Litres
  • Temperature Range 15 °C to 40 °C
  • Stability ± 0.005 @ 23 °C
  • Peltier Cooled
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Perfect for Temperature Coefficient Measurements


Automated Resistance Bridge

  • Current Range from 1 μA to 200 mA
  • Ratio 0 to 14:1
  • Resistance Range 0.1 Ω to 100 kΩ
  • Best Accuracy < 15 ppb
  • Self-Calibration of the Binary Wound Current Comparator (25-bit) Plus Nanovolt Detector Reading


High Resistance Meter

  • Range: 100kΩ to 1PΩ
  • Automatic Scanner Control
  • Voltage and Current Measurements
  • Surface and Volume Resistivity Measurements
  • 10V to 1000V Variable Volatage Output


Automated Primary Resistance Bridge

  • Range 0.01 Ω to 100 kΩ
  • Accuracy < 40 × 10^-9 for 1:1 Ratios
  • Accuracy < 40 × 10^-9 for 10:1 Ratios
  • Linearity < 5 × 10^-9
  • Featuring True Ratio Self Calibration


3-Phase Power Analyzer

  • Best Accuracy <0.0025%
  • Basic Power Accuracy <0.005%
  • 5A Current Input
  • 240V/120V Voltage Input Ranges
  • Complete Waveform Analysis

Product Categories

  • High Resistance Meters
  • Resistance Bridges – Accubridge® Line
  • High Current Resistance Measurement Systems
  • Standard Resistors
  • Precision High Current Resistors
  • Temperature Stabilized Resistance Standards
  • Air Baths/Oil Baths
  • Quantum Hall System

  • Voltage Dividers
  • Automated Potentiometer Systems
  • High Current Resistance Measurement Systems
  • Shunts
  • DCCT Calibration Systems – Model 6300
  • Temperature Stabilized Voltage Standards

  • Precision Temperature Bridges – Accubridge® Line
  • Accu-T-Cal™ Software
  • Automated Low Thermal Matrix Scanner
  • Standard Resistors

  • High-Voltage Dividers & Capacitors
  • Power Analyzers & Wattmeters
  • Current Transformers & Bushings
  • AccuLoss® Series of Transformer Loss Measurement System
  • Capacitance/Inductance/ Tan Delta Bridges & AC Ratio Bridges
  • Instrument Transformer (CT & PT Test Equipment)
  • Automated Winding Resistance & Ratio Measurement System

  • LCR Calibration


Measurements International is proudly presenting a new device – 1310T Temperature Resistance Standard. Among the main features of 1310T belong: 6 resistors values – 10 Ω, 25 Ω, 100 Ω, 200 Ω, 400 Ω and 1000 Ω4-terminal built-in scanner eliminating the need for external scannerHoused in temperature controlled internal chamberInternally mounted temperature sensor PT100Standard 2-year warranty All …

We proudly present the new model 9300 series of Air Baths has been completely redesigned to provide customers with a convenient and inexpensive way to maintain the temperature of air resistors in the calibration laboratory.The focus in the redesign was around the heating and cooling rate as well as the overall performance of the unit.It …

The International Metrology Congress will be held 7-9 September in Lyon (France), in partnership with Measurement World exhibition and on the same dates and location as Global Industrie exhibition. We sincerely invite you and your company representatives to visit our booth NO. 2J99 The Congress is dedicated to the best industrial practices, and advances in R&D applied …

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MI-Europe was established in 2005 as a Sales and Technical support

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It is mainly intended as a European support office offering easier

access to support in case of system configurations, installations,

training, basic troubleshooting, as well as central distribution point for deliveries of MI equipment to customers throughout Europe.

Quality Assurance

Local support in Europe provided by MI-Europe is built on years of mutual cooperation (started in 1996) between MIL and Roman Honig.



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